20 Jun 2022

In our previous post, we looked at how Aluminium moved from being a pricey and exclusive metal to a metal for the masses, with the invention of Hall-Héroult electrolytic reduction of aluminium emerging as the single-most important development in this journey. By now, the world had very become familiar with the physical properties that made aluminium a maestro among metals. It was light in weight, malleable and ductile, which resulted...

A Brief History of Aluminium (Part 3): A Maestro Among Metals

Aluminium has been pivotal in shaping the global aviation industry.

21 May 2022

In our last post we delved into the origins of aluminium. We now look at some of the defining moments of aluminium’s journey from a humble bauxite ore to cutting-edge industrial applications that have defined the course of human progress. Soon after Danish physicist Hans Christian Ørsted demonstrated the first physical extraction of aluminium, his work was taken forward by German chemist Friedrich Wöhler, who with Ørsted’s permission refined his...

A Brief History of Aluminium (Part-2) : Extracting “Silver From Clay”

The Washington Monument, atop which sits a 2.83 kg aluminium apex.