29 Apr 2024

Sustainability has moved from being a mere buzzword to one that has tangible implications for a business. Yet its true worth continues to remain largely unexplored. This is often due to the upfront costs often involved in moving to more sustainable processes, which overshadows the prospect of future gains. Despite an increased awareness of the need for sustainability and the ubiquitous status it has acquired over the years, a sustainability-first...

Aluminium: The Driving Force behind EVs (Electric Vehicles)
12 Jul 2022

Think of some of the fastest, most premium cars you know. Sleek, shiny and streamlined are the words that come to mind. Now think of a humble soda can that holds your favourite cold & refreshing beverage. Any relation between the two? Of course! Both are increasingly being made out of aluminium and designed to help you have a rollicking time! Aluminium’s versatility is already well known. It features as...

Got a Need for Speed?You Have a Need for Aluminium!

As consumer demands and environmental challenges increase - so too does the use of automotive aluminium.