Our state-of-the-art cast houses have deployed Wagstaff (USA) Air-Slip Billet Casting Unit with all associated in-line metal treatment facilities like dual rod grain refiner, degassing and metal filtration units, which ensures that our billets meet all internal and surface quality requirements. The casting unit is fed by electrically heated tilting type furnaces. Cast billets are homogenized (using continuous or batch homogenizers) and 100% ultrasound inspected before they are cut to the required lengths and packed at the sawing facility.

As part of our billet offerings, we also manufacture High-Speed Billets with the highest engineering precision. Our High-Speed Billets can improve extrusion speed by at least 25%, or more, depending on the extrusion environment. With superior metallurgical properties brought about with stringent process control and optimised chemistry, these billets demonstrate exceptional extrusion speed without compromising on the strength of the extruded profile. These products show significant improvement in process recovery as well as die life.

Catering to: Automotive, Building & Construction, Energy & Electricity

Vedanta Aluminium launches High Speed Billets
Vedanta Aluminium’s High-Speed Billets launch