In the global quest for a cleaner and greener lifestyle for humankind, aluminium is fast emerging as the preferred metal for a sustainability-conscious world. Aluminium is already the second most important metal in the world today, with the potential to become the most important commercial metal in the near future. From bauxite mining, which is sustainable, to the metal’s infinite recyclability, ‘green metal’ aluminium has a crucial role to play in India’s growth and socio-economic development. We integrate smart innovation, best-in-class technology, environmental safeguards, and sustainability-focused operating procedures to create value for the nation.

Good governance and sustainable development are at the core of Vedanta’s strategy. We see sustainable development as a core requirement to strategically improve the value of our business. With ‘Zero Harm, Zero Waste & Zero Discharge’ as our guiding principles, we are committed to delivering sustainable and responsible growth, fueling the country’s self-reliance by harnessing natural resources, turning them into tools of prosperity and creating value for the society at large.

Vedanta Believes In

  • Leveraging global expertise, adopting green technology and using resources judiciously
  • Strong focus on industrial safety, occupational health and environment protection.
  • Alignment across businesses on a collective carbon strategy.
  • Manage risk in all forms by applying monitoring controls and regularly assessing their effectiveness
  • Setting priorities and commitments, measuring, monitoring and reporting performance.
  • Maintain a transparent and engaging dialogue with business partners and stakeholders.
  • Specific objectives & targets for waste management integrated with business plan
  • Creating a lasting positive impact on the environment, communities, partners and customers.

Sustainability Performance Highlights: FY20

18% reduction in GHG emissions from 2012 baseline
3.7 million m3 less freshwater consumption in FY19
USD 4.74 billion economic value generated
0.3 million lives benefited by social interventions
USD 14 million in community investments
10.49 million units of renewable power purchased
0.1 million renewable energy certificates purchased