15 Apr 2021
Vedanta Aluminium, Making Domestic Automotive Industry Self-Reliant

Looking at the promise of the auto market and its import dependency, we decided to tap into the opportunity and develop indigenous capabilities to meet that demand. Backed by deep R&D and innovation, Vedanta Aluminium was the first in India to supply PFA (primary foundry alloys) to the domestic auto sector for manufacture of alloy wheels. Until we did so, the country’s entire PFA demand was being met through imports, even though India has the world’s 2nd largest aluminium production capacity.

Total domestic market of PFA was close to 250 KT (kilo metric tonnes) in FY20, out of which 65 KT was being imported as wheels from China and other duty-free nations, and approximately 20 KT was being supplied from BALCO. In FY20, 160 KT PFA was imported into India, which has considerably reduced to 98 KT in FY21 post the capacity ramp-up from BALCO’s foundry alloy line.

Our three state-of-the-art aluminium smelters across the states of Odisha and Chhattisgarh in India, have cast houses equipped with modern technologies sourced from global leaders in engineering, enabling us to offer a diverse portfolio of high-quality products to customers across the globe. We integrate best-in-class engineering technologies, intelligent automation, smart solutions, environmental safeguards and sustainability-focused operating procedures to create value for our customers.

Our PFA facility has technologies supplied by BEFESA (Spain) for 22 kg and 10 kg ingots, and PROPERZI (Italy) for 10 kg cast bar, with a total casting capacity of 210 kilo metric tonnes (KT) per annum.  Equipped with in-line metal treatment facilities consisting of degassing and metal filtration unit and continuous casting technology, this ensures that our customers get the best in quality PFA for the manufacture of alloy wheels backed by superior technology and rigorous quality control measures.

Our foundry alloy ingots exceed the most stringent quality requirements. As testimony to our process-oriented Quality Management System (QMS) for meeting customer requirements effectively and efficiently, we have received the IATF-16949 certification, which is one of the most widely used international standards trusted by global leading automakers. In fact, currently, we are the only primary smelter in the country which is accredited with TS-16949 and IATF-16949. With a robust Centre of Quality Excellence, stringent quality assessment of raw material and finished products have made us one of the most preferred suppliers of aluminium to developed markets.