15 Apr 2021
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, An Icon In Aluminium

Located in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, Ferrari World is the world’s largest indoor theme park and a stellar testimony to the brand’s love for style, performance and elegance. The park is most famous for its iconic red roof, an architectural marvel in aluminium, designed by the masterful Benoy Architects.

This desert icon houses thrilling adventures and fun family zones under a sprawling aluminium roof painted in Ferrari’s classic rosso corsa (“racing red”), which beckons to fun lovers from far and wide. Inspired by the brand’s classic double curve body shell, the roof of Ferrari World spans an astonishing 20,000 sq.m. Made of beautifully seamed and fastened individual aluminium panels, the roof can breathe and yet remain watertight thanks to rolled edge joints.

Only aluminium could have made it possible to create such an expansive structure with minimum possible load on supporting framework; the elegant finish is an added bonus. Ferrari World is one of many iconic structures worldwide that use high-performance aluminium alloys owing to the metal’s superlative properties. A dream metal for architects worldwide, aluminium has all the desirable properties one could wish for in construction – high strength to weight ratio, good durability, energy efficiency, classy finish and a superb ability to be formed into myriad shapes, simple or intricate.

Vedanta Aluminium is one of the world’s most preferred suppliers of billets, which are used by extruders to form a broad range of structural components. Besides its existing top-of-the-line offerings, Vedanta also works with customers to develop high-performance alloys based on specific requirements.

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