We are firmly committed to improving the quality of life of local communities through a number of progressive educational initiatives. These include elementary education for children, renovation of schools, computer literacy programmes, scholarships for meritorious students and centralized kitchen to reduce dropout rates and enhance nutritional standards. We have also partnered with various civil society groups and NGOs to strengthen educational infrastructure in rural areas.

Nand Ghar

Nand Ghars, Vedanta’s flagship community development project, are set up in collaboration with the Union Ministry of Women & Child Development to modernise aanganwadis in rural India. Through this initiative, we are doing significant work for improving child health and nutrition, providing education to children below the age of six, and socio-economic empowerment of women. The Nand Ghar Project creates state-of-art facilities equipped with televisions for e-learning, solar panels for reliable power, safe drinking water and hygienic toilets in an ultra-modern structure. Fresh nutritious food is provided to children, pregnant and lactating mothers. Primary healthcare services are rendered through mobile health vans and women are empowered through skilling, credit linkage, and enterprise development. Skill up-gradation training workshops are also organized for the empowerment of women. Currently, Project Nand Ghar runs 50 such centres at Lanjigarh (Kalahandi district), Odisha, and is coming up with 101 centres in Durg, Chhattisgarh.

Vedanta Vidyarthi Vikas Yojana (VVVY)

Vedanta Vidyarthi Vikas Yojana aims to improve the quality of education in secondary school (classes 8-10). Students are provided with supplementary and remedial tutorial assistance for greater proficiency in critical subjects like Math, Science and English, through innovative teaching methods. We have also formed watch committees comprising community representatives and employee volunteers at each center to closely monitor program execution and quality of education.

Project Connect

To address the community’s need for quality education, BALCO runs the Vedanta Study Centre, where our employees provide tutorial assistance to underprivileged students hailing from peripheral communities, who do not have access to good supplementary education. Our employees take regular classes in English, Math and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) for these students.

Vedanta Mini Science Centre

Developed in partnership with STEM Learning, a specialist in the field of education interventions, the Vedanta Mini Science Centres house innovative models, experiments and instruments to enhance aptitude and skills of students in learning science and mathematics in effective and interesting ways. We conceived this project with the aim to lessen the gap between contextual and rote-based learning, and replace it with a practical approach, which will equip children with the skills needed to get lucrative opportunities in their fields of interest. Each of the five centres houses 75 models of scientific learning that are aligned with the school curriculum (Odisha State Board).

Child Care Centre

At Lanjigarh, Vedanta runs 35 Child Care Centres to provide pre-schooling facilities and support in the form of childcare, nutrition and education to children of 3-6 years of age. This project focuses on Personality Development, Art and Craft, Physical Development, Language and Social Development for holistic development of the children.

Shiksha Sambal

This is a coaching program for under-privileged students of the local community who are studying in government and government-aided schools. Supplementary tutorial assistance in English, Math and Science is being provided to high school and senior secondary students to improve their academic performance. We are particularly proud of the fact that this program has played a significant role in encouraging wider adoption of higher education among the first-generation learners of the region.

Vedanta Computer Literacy Program (VCLP)

The Vedanta Computer Literacy Program, a digital literacy initiative by the Vedanta Foundation, aims at imparting basic computer literacy and training to young students hailing from rural background, who do not have access to proper training on using computers. The centre runs basic computer literacy program in 2 government schools at Jharsuguda, Odisha, and also a certificate program for young girls in the community. The six-month intensive program for girls has a specialized course curriculum which has been designed for students with the provision of certification after completion of the full course.

Vedanta-DAV Academic Support Programme

In partnership with DAV Public School, Jharsuguda, our Academic Support Programme aims at giving children from peripheral villages access to quality education in a premiere institution. Till date, the program has benefited over 200 such children, making them the first generation in their families to avail education in an English medium school.