Traditional artforms are a national treasure, representing the richness of India’s history and the depth of its cultural milieu.

Dhokra Craft

Nestled deep within the forests of Kalahandi in Odisha, Kankeri is home to artisans skilled in the ancient metalworking artform of Dhokra, which has been a part of India’s rich handicraft legacy for nearly 5000 years, dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization. The inter-generational skill was however limited to crafting rudimentary trinkets and the meagre income they fetched was not enough for the artisans to sustain their families. This had forced many artists to let go of their expertise and migrate to neighboring states to work as construction labourers. Recognizing the potential of this village to become a vibrant hub of Dhokra, Vedanta Aluminium trained artisans in producing contemporary designs through modern techniques, provided the initial seed capital for procuring metal and raw materials, and created market linkage opportunities (through exhibitions and other relevant platforms) to sell their art pieces at a better price. This led to a movement of reverse migration, wherein encouraged by the success of the project in transforming the lives of several artisans, many others started returning to the village to pursue their passion of Dhokra art and build sustainable livelihoods.

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Saura Art

Similarly, Saura Art is an exquisite artform, masterfully painted by the skilled artists of Lanjigarh, in Kalahandi district of Odisha. Saura art features prominently in the tribal arts heritage of Odisha, treasured for its deep roots in the indigenous culture. First painted on the walls of the homes of the Saura people, the art form draws inspiration from nature and the peoples’ ways of life, that translates into unique motifs depicting animals, farmers, elements of nature, gods, natural spirits and their ancestors. Witnessing Saura art losing its sheen in the throes of modernity, Vedanta Aluminium stepped in to preserve and promote this ancient artform. From helping the artists carve a remunerative livelihood out of their generational skills to generating interest in the artform through training programs for school students, the Saura Art revival project is our endeavour to be the bridge between tradition and the future, as we work for both.

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  • These images are pictorial representations. The finish of the actual products may vary as they are all individually handcrafted, and unique in their own ways.
  • Vedanta assumes no liability with respect to the quality of the products. We are only facilitating this, to support local artisans as part of our community development endeavours.
  • Products once sold cannot be returned.