We have worked closely with the state governments, district administrations and communities in Odisha and Chhattisgarh the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching 10 lakh people in the process. We undertook many initiatives for local communities around our areas of operations in Kalahandi, Jharsuguda, Korba and adjoining areas, towards ensuring grassroots preparedness as a critical first step towards combating COVID-19.

COVID Hospitals at Kalahandi, Deogarh & Jharsuguda, Odisha

Vedanta Aluminium has developed a state-of-the-art COVID Care facility at Government Engineering College in Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi district, the largest single-location COVID facility set up by Vedanta anywhere in the country. It is a 200-bedded fully oxygenated facility having 16 Intensive Care Units (ICU) and 16 High Dependency Units (HDU) with ventilator support, and a dedicated team of doctors and medical staff to render medical services to the patients. The hospital has a paediatric ward for attending to potential COVID cases in children, which is the first of its kind in Odisha. Vedanta has also set up an oxygen plant in the hospital campus to augment and sustain oxygen supply for patients.

We have set up another COVID hospital at Eklavya Model Residential School, in Deogarh. The hospital has 100 beds and is fully oxygenated with 12 Intensive Care Units (ICU), 32 High Dependency Units (HDU), a Paediatric COVID ICU, and a dedicated team of doctors and medical staff to render medical services to the patients.

We also partnered with the Jharsuguda district administration to set up the district’s standalone COVID Hospital during the first wave of COVID-19. We have provided required medical infrastructure including ICU beds, ventilators, oxygen cylinders, specialized medical equipment like nebulizers and flowmeters, medicines as well as PPEs to the hospital, and continue to support it till date.

Vedanta Cares COVID Field Hospital at Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh

BALCO has established a state-of-the-art COVID Field Hospital within the perimeter of its landmark Balco Medical Centre (Cancer Hospital), at Naya Raipur in Chhattisgarh. The air-conditioned field hospital, which has 90 beds equipped with oxygen support and 10 beds with ventilator support, will be managed by the Balco Medical Centre. An expert team of doctors, specialists, and medical/paramedic staff will continuously man the facility.

Vedanta Cares Mega Vaccination Drive & Awareness Sessions

As part of the Vedanta Group’s mega corporate vaccination drive, Vedanta Aluminium has vaccinated more than 30,000 people across its operations, including employees, business partners, their families as well as members of local communities. We are also conducting awareness sessions on COVID-19 safeguards and vaccination across hundreds of remote villages in Jharsuguda, Kalahandi and Korba. Our multi-speciality hospital in Lanjigarh has been recognized as the first Private COVID Vaccination Centre (PCVC) in Kalahandi, and we are aiding district administrations in conducting vaccination drives in nearby locales.

COVID Care Facilities & Quarantine Centres

Vedanta Aluminium has developed COVID Care Centres and Quarantine Centres across its operations in Jharsuguda, Lanjigarh and Korba to effectively handle the pandemic scenario around its areas of operations. With over 550 beds, Vedanta’s COVID Care Centres are equipped with required infrastructure and medical personnel to provide proper care to employees, business partners and family members affected by COVID. We have also developed Quarantine Centres for isolation and post-treatment recovery.

Oxygen, Personal Protective Equipment and More

  • Vedanta Aluminium is providing 2000 filled medical oxygen cylinders to the Government of Odisha as part of its support to the fight against the second wave of COVID pandemic.
  • Provided 92,000 units of highly specialised Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Government of Odisha last year.
  • Provided 10,000 RT PCR testing kits to the District Government Hospital at Bhawanipatna.
  • Over 3 lakh masks, soaps and safety kits have been freely distributed to the needy. The masks were made by women belonging to Vedanta-supported self-help groups, thus providing them a means of livelihood in these tough times.
  • Hundreds of awareness sessions on COVID-19 have been conducted across remote villages. We continue to sensitize rural populace on dispelling myths on the COVID vaccines and encourage them to get vaccinated.
  • We have undertaken intensive fumigation and disinfection of public places, common areas, government offices, etc. in the areas of our operation.
  • We have also provided extensive support to local farmers to sustain their livelihood during lockdowns.