All individuals who are successful in gaining an offer of employment or students selected for internship or training with Sesa Sterlite Limited (VAL), whether directly or indirectly are always required to go through a formal selection process.

Please note that Sesa Sterlite Limited, (including any firms that recruit on its behalf) does not, under any circumstances, ask for money or payment from applicants at any point in the recruitment process. Please also note that any communication demanding payment that appears to originate from VAL is fraudulent in nature. It does not originate from VAL, and is not associated with our recruitment process.

Such fraudulent communications originate from fictitious and misleading recruiters/e-mail addresses/contact numbers. If you or someone you know has received or seen any such communication, please do not respond to it. Sesa Sterlite Limited will not be liable for the harm experienced by anyone falling prey to this false solicitation. Do not make any sort of payment.

Sesa Sterlite Limited
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